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TSR 117357 – Emotional Agency in Organizational Change (TUNTO)

TUNTO Research Project

The main purpose of this research project is to examine emotional agency in organizational change. The purpose of this research project is also to develop and examine a new kind of intervention with which people may better focus on understanding, becoming more aware and making use of emotions at work. With this, it is possible to improve productivity within organizations and strengthen employee well-being. With this particular intervention we strive to create spaces for emotional agency by supporting employees and employers in active recognition of emotions, facing and dealing with emotions and making use of emotions in a changing work environment. Emotional agency means such influencing and choice-making, in which we make use of understanding the role of emotions in learning and organizational change.

This research project creates more understanding and knowledge about the meaning of emotions in organizational change. A more profound understanding about the connection of emotions to organizational practices and organizational change supports personnel and management in change and also more widely promotes the quality and productivity of Finnish working life.

The so-called emotional intervention in this research project is implemented in two medium-size organizations in two different industries. The effectiveness of this intervention is being monitored diversely and intensively with both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The results obtained from this research project will broadly serve the Finnish working life and the results will be able to be applied in many different organizational contexts. The project will be completed in summer 2020.

updated 29th of September 2020

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